Menier cooking chocolate, for fine desserts and cakes

For over 200 years Menier have been producing the finest cooking chocolate allowing chefs worldwide to make exquisite cakes and desserts. Our signature Swiss dark cooking chocolate is made from 70% cocoa, perfect for adding to all kinds of baking recipes. We also produce our famous milk cooking chocolate and white cooking chocolate for more traditional dessert and cake recipes. Try our fantastic Menier cooking chocolate range today by visiting your nearest supermarket - you can find Menier chocolate in your local Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose & Asda, as well as One Stop, Ocado and Booths.

Browse our free sweet and savoury recipes using our finest Menier chocolate.

Learn about the history of Menier cooking chocolate which started in 1816.

Menier sell 3 kinds of cooking chocolate: dark, milk & white chocolate.

Latest Menier chocolate recipes

Looking for inspiration with your next culinary adventure? We've put together some sumptuous savoury and sweet recipes using our finest Menier chocolate bars. Give them a try today and why not share your experience via Facebook? We'd love to see your creations. Download Menier recipes.

This mouthwatering recipe will be a hit at dinner parties and for those special occasions. Serves 8 – 10 people.

A savoury twist on a classic Mexican recipe. Serves 4 people (as a side dish or as a filling for an enchilada).

Menier cooking chocolate is available to buy at:

One Stop