Bake the cold weather blues away

As we head towards winter and start feeling the effects of the cooler weather it’s no surprise our eating habits also tend to feel the effects and change with the seasons.

When it gets colder we begin to eat a bit more, finding comfort in warmer dishes and treats and with spending more time indoors, means we are also likely to find more time to indulge in our favourite pastimes baking.

It is true that during the winter months we tend to bake more often than at any other time of year which is certainly reflected in the sales of our Swiss cooking chocolate as it becomes more of a regular weekly shopping basket item.

While we do bake for ourselves, baking gifts for friends is a trend that has become extremely popular.  It is a lovely gesture to give someone a homemade cake or basket of muffins or biscuits and sends a really thoughtful and caring message.

Sweet treats like chocolate bark is one trend that has really gathered momentum this year and it’s so simple and easy to make.   You can find lots of recipes for this online with a quick online google however we are excited to say we are now working behind the scenes with a professional baker who is creating some rather special chocolate recipes to help inspire you this winter.

Check back here for more information and follow us on facebook and twitter too as we will be posting the links to the recipes and youtube films very soon.

Happy baking!

Savoury September

Thank you to everyone who entered our #SavourySeptember competition. We loved seeing all the different ways people include chocolate in their savoury dishes.

If you are stuck for inspiration then take a look at our recipe page.

Congratulations to our three winners!

Get Savoury This September

Generally, we tend to associate using cooking chocolate when making sweet desserts, luxurious puddings or baking cakes and biscuits but did you know that chocolate can be a secret ingredient and transform your savoury dishes.

Our development chefs have created a range of lovely savoury recipes for you to try, which are all featured on our recipe page.  From lamb curries, to venison stews, chillis and soups there is plenty variety to tempt you and get your culinary skills  into action during the Autumn months.

To really get you in the mood we thought it would be fun to run a competition during September where you send us a photo of your finished creation.  See our facebook page for more details.  We will be picking two winners each day during the rest of the month #savouryseptember.  Good luck!

Summer Homebaking Fun

Over the summer  months we ran a few competitions with our facebook fans to find out what people were baking at home.  Even although the UK was experiencing the biggest heatwave in decades and we were all sweltering hot, the baking was even hotter!  Your results were inspiring and impressive.

Take a look at some of the fantastic bakes that our Menier homebakers produced!  If you are stuck for inspiration then take a look at our recipe page and keep following us on facebook for a chance to win some chocolate to help with your homebaking.  We tend to have one or two competitions each month so there is plenty opportunity to win!

Happy Easter!

We were amazed by the Easter love shown by our facebook followers this year. The huge number of entrants to our Easter Competitions meant we shared the chocolate love even further and gave away more prizes than we had anticipated.

We hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend and were inspired to bake.


If you are looking for some inspiration today then why not take a look at our recipe page ….